Friday, January 18 – MOVIE CLUB

Join us Friday, Jan 18, at the Esquire. This month’s selection is “If Beale Street Could Talk”.  We’ll meet in the lobby at 7:00 pm and at Sitwell’s or the church after, depending on attendance. Meet us before the movie in the theatre lobby or … read more.

Great Decisions 2019 Topics


Refugees and Global Migration – Sun Feb. 3, 2019

Today, no countries have open borders. Every state in today’s global system has its own laws and policies about who is permitted to cross its borders, and how they will do so. Who determines whether someone is … read more.

Proposed Updates to Congregation’s Bylaws

Two teams have been working to review and update St. John’s
bylaws. After careful consideration, St. John’s board has approved proposed
changes to two sections of our bylaws. One proposal addresses board structure
and governance. The second proposal concerns membership. There will be a
special congregational meeting after service … read more.

Holidays – joy and pain

By Alice Diebel, Intern Minister

The Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh is on sabbatical.

We’ve done it, St.John’s! We had the Nativity pageant, an
unrehearsed play with all kinds of participation in our setting, including a
spider in the manger! We had our holiday concert where our amazing choir
brought us from … read more.

Time for Gratitude and Generosity

As we approach the end of the year, many of us are thinking about all we are grateful for and about how to make meaningful gifts in difficult times. Here are the words of the Reverend Susan Frederick-Gray, President, Unitarian Universalist Association: “These are the … read more.


Time for an update! We have no dinners scheduled!!!

As always, I’ll be on my way to warmer climates the end of the month. My routine is to plan dinners in January and February before I head south. So… please volunteer! The rules are the same-a … read more.