St. John’s has had a Board of Trustees composed of nine (9) members with the following positions: President, Vice-President, Director of Mission Council, Director of Property Council, Director of Community Council, Director of Religious Development Council, Director of Administrative Council, Director of Finance Council and Secretary of the Board.

On behalf of the congregation, the Board is responsible for policy development and compliance, and the administrative management of the real and personal property of the church, its business affairs, and all contracts. The Board shall keep the congregation informed of its decisions and activities.

In a March 2019 congregation vote, the board structure changed and there are now 7 board positions.

This is the resolution that defines the new structure.

Here are the previous bylaws and policies, last updated in summer 2018. You’ll note some page numbering is off.  

St. John’s congregants were also asked to review  2 documents related to membership bylaws.  That resolution passed.

For some background on governance and membership, see the docs below:


The next congregational meeting is Sunday, June 2, after service. Please review these items and stay to vote.