St. John’s has a Board of Trustees composed of seven members: President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Finance Director, Program Director, Member at-Large, and Secretary of the Board. Generally, a person serves as VP, then President, then Immediate Past President for a three-year commitment.

On behalf of the congregation, the Board is responsible for policy development and compliance, and the administrative management of the real and personal property of the church, its business affairs, and all contracts. The Board shall keep the congregation informed of its decisions and activities.

Here are the most recent  Congregational Bylaws.  

Here are the most recent Policy Manuals:

General Board Policies

Personnel Policies

Safe Congregation Policies

Finance Policies

2023 Congregational Meeting June 4, 2023

The agenda included voting on a budget, for bylaw changes, and for leadership candidates.

Here is the 2022-2023 annual report from church and team leaders.

This is the proposed budget that was accepted.

Among bylaw changes proposed, the first five here were approved. The last was separated into two, with the “call” portion approved and “dismissal” portion voted down:

Status of President and VP 

Ministerial Search Committee

Membership Amendment regarding imminent danger

Update to Financial Audit/Assessment

Update to Committee on Ministry

Call and Dismissal of Minister

Candidates for board positions were all approved by member vote:

Melissa Rowland – President – two-year term (president, then immediate past president)
Joetta Prost – V.P. – three-year term
Lyn O’Brien – Finance director – three-year term
Susan Small – Member at Large – three-year term
Ann Schuur – Program Director – two-year term
Monica Pellman – Secretary – one-year term
Alicia Rosselot – Member of Leadership Committee

David Strecker – Member of Leadership Committee

This link has short biographies of all candidates.

Update to Special Congregational Meeting July 24, 2022

We reached a quorum and addressed the vote from the June 5 annual meeting, voting to rescind the wage increases approved at the June 5 meeting and grant a 5% cost-of-living increase for all compensated positions and to adjust the budget accordingly.
In order to help us understand the difference in budgets, treasurer Chris Wagner created these slides to show compensation levels in the approved and proposed amounts and their effect on the budget. Note a highlighted and footnoted area that has been added to show potential additional costs that come with a passed motion in June.

2022 Congregational Meeting June 5, 2022


  • Call to Order 
  • Chalice Lighting 
  • Verify Quorum 
  • Approve Prior Meeting (June 2021) Minutes and special April 2022 meeting minutes
  • Election of 2022-2023 Members of the Board
  • Election of Leadership Committee 
  • Election of Fund Trustees 
  • Vote on 2022-2023 Budget 
  • Vote on Proposed Bylaw Changes 
  • Update from Master Planning Team 
  • Vote on Capital Campaign 
  •  Announcements

Find information to prepare for voting at the annual congregational meeting within linked documents on this page.

Candidates for the board and for other leadership roles.

Proposed budget for 2022-2023

2021-2022 Annual Report

A Frequently Asked Questions page regarding the need to begin a capital campaign.

Among bylaw changes to consider:

Leadership Committee

Affiliation; Voting  


Previous Governance Information

2020 Actions

Minutes of special congregational meeting April 19, 2020.

Minutes of the Annual Congregational Meeting June 7, 2020

2019 Actions

In a March 2019 congregation vote, the board structure changed from 9 to 7 board positions. This is the resolution that defines the new structure.

St. John’s congregants also reviewed  2 documents related to membership bylaws.  That resolution passed.

At the annual June meeting, these items were up for a vote. The following documents support changes in the 2019 resolution: