Rental Rates and Custodial Fees

Space, amenities Rental Rate Custodial Fee Members’ Rental Rate
Lincoln, Jefferson, Darwin and Nightingale classrooms (per room) $35 $15
Wells $35
Gandhi, Rosa Parks, and Library meeting rooms (per room) $70 $30
Haehnle $70 $30
Krolfifer and Kitchen $280 $100
Krolfifer without Kitchen $210 $100 $70
Krolfifer without tables and/or chairs $70 $75
Sanctuary for weddings, funerals, and concerts $280 $100 N/C *
Sanctuary for other purposes $280 $100 $70
Sanctuary and Krolfifer for weddings, funerals, and concerts $420 $125 N/C *
Chapel and Krolfifer $315 $125
Chapel $70 $75
Additional Charges
Security Deposit **** $100 $100
Use of Sound System *** $50


  • Members are not charged for use of the Sanctuary, Krolfifer, or Chapel for weddings, receptions, or funerals for members.

** The building must be vacated by 12:00 midnight.

*** Use of the sound system, and the piano unless played by a member of the St. John’s music staff, is not included in the rental fee. If use of the sound system is required, the additional charge for Sound System Use must be paid.

**** Failure to vacate the building prior to 12:00 midnight, or any of the other conditions stated in the rental contract, will result in forfeit of the entire security deposit.


Fees and Payment

When renting space at St. John’s, the total amount due is the sum of the applicable rental fees for the spaces used, the custodial fees, the security deposit (required), and the sound system charge if the sound system will be used. A copy of the above form showing which spaces will be used, and information as to the dates for which the space is needed and the number of attendees expected should be sent with full payment by check to the Office Administrator, St. John’s Unitarian Universalist Church, 320 Resor Ave, Cincinnati OH 45220. Please call first at (513) 961-1938 to verify availability and the total cost of the rental and additional fees.


Building Use Contract

Download a copy of the Building Use Contract.