Speaker: Rev. Jenn Gracen

To Hold Up a Mirror

It is part of the job of an interim minister to learn about a congregation and to reflect on what they see. Today is our annual congregational meeting. Join us for the service and stay for the meeting. 

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Outlawing Jelly Beans and Other Injustices

Adapted from a service by Rev. Erika Hewitt. What happens when a leader starts to restrict people’s rights? Join us for a liturgical drama with parts played by many members of the congregation.

Join us at 11 a. m. in person or online. The link for virtual attendance is … read more.

To Grow and Transform

As we move into our pledge season it is an opportunity for us to consider what is best and strongest about our beloved community. What do we want to grow and what do we want to transform during this time of transition?

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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter has been a statement and a call for justice and equity for a little over ten years now. It has been a banner on our building for many years. Where is our call to respond to racism today?

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