Flower Communion Sunday

Today’s service, a colorful annual event, will include live flowers and blessings at church. Please join us online or in person, where traditional service elements begin indoors, but continue on the front lawn. If you have flowers at home, please bring one to contribute. In … read more.

Unearthed at St. John’s

Fans of the podcast “Stuff You Missed in History Class” know that they do a special edition toward the end of each year when they tell briefly of things (artifacts, discoveries, or new understanding) which have been “unearthed” in the past year. Listening recently, it … read more.

Needed Conversations

Last week we talked about how words can get in the way of communication. This week we go from words to whole conversations! What conversations are we reluctant to have with each other? Are there topics that we don’t want to talk about for fear … read more.