St John’s houses a rotating gallery of art in Haehnle Hall throughout the year.  Our Gallery focuses on highlighting local artists from around Clifton and greater Cincinnati.  We have had artists working in a diversity of media over the many years that the Gallery has been in existence and serves to improve the worship experience as well as provide meditative and reflection opportunities to members and guests.

Gallery art is often available for sale from the artist and purchase can be made at the church office.

Artists who would like to submit work for consideration to be displayed in the Gallery my contact St John’s at or 513-961-1938.

Weeding St. John’s Eisenlohr Library -

Weeding is the removal of materials from a library collection in a systematic way. Careful weeding is key to the health of a collection.

Books weeded from St. John’s library will be donated to the public library.

Given limited shelf space in the library, it’s necessary ... read more.


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