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Adam and the Religious Education Committee are seeking helpers, teachers and floaters for our children’s programming for grades PreK-8. We are continuing youth programming but are exploring new and creative ways of implementing it. A brochure has been written to give a snapshot of programming for the 2018-2019 year. Be on the lookout for cultural presentations and discussions, book clubs, documentary series and programming relating to our identity as Unitarian Universalists, our history, polity and importance of the Edict of Torda, which granted religious freedom to the early Unitarians in Transylvania. We will continue our adult forums before church with topics to be explored and announced in advance. If you have any programming ideas such as studies, lectures or dialogues that can enrich the religious educational life of the church, please speak with Adam. He can be reached at, (434) 426-4129 or during coffee hour after church. We have also chosen a curriculum “Soul Matters” to implement but it does allow for some flexibility. Prior planning will be minimal since long-term curriculum will be provided as well as supplementary materials. There is some latitude, but we would like to unify the program so that we can be consistent across the age levels for PreK-8 and do more long-term curriculum mapping. If you have book club suggestions, please see Adam.


We invite ALL FAMILIES TO join us at 10 AM on Sunday, July 15 for doughnuts, coffee and juice in Krolfifer for a multi-age religious education craft and activities about circles, which will tie into our worship themed around Edward Markham’s poem “Outwitted”. If we think of ourselves in a circle and want to strive to be inclusive, how can we draw the circle wider?


On Sunday, July 29 please join us again at a special religious education programming time of 10 AM in Krolfifer for some more fun and creative multi-age religious education programming. We will be making mandalas using colored sand. Materials will be provided. All are invited!

Welcome Adam Hall

Please say welcome to our new Lifespan Religious Education Director, Adam Hall.  Adam will be providing his own thoughts and notes in this space in the near future.