We have passed the following 3 congregational resolutions:

1-Racial Justice – In response to systemic violence against black lives and an official call for action from the national UUA, the St John’s Congregation, after serious study and reflection, passed a Commitment to Racial Justice at the annual Congregational meeting in June 2016. With this resolution, we make a long term-commitment to a journey toward multicultural understanding and action.

2-Peacemaking – In response to the UUA’s 2006 study action question on peacemaking, a St. John’s Peace Making Task Force assigned to different members responsibility for work on:

  • International Peacemaking
  • Societal Peacemaking
  • Congregational Peacemaking
  • Interpersonal Peacemaking
  • Inward Peacemaking
  • Peacemaking for Planet Earth

A five month series of programs lead to ten proposals including changes to St. John’s Mission Statement and By-Laws. At a special meeting, the Congregation unanimously adopted all ten proposals in a Peace Initiative Resolution of April 27, 2008.

Our Mission Statement now provides “St John’s is committed to creating a safe and caring community, working for peace and social justice and celebrating beliefs that respect freedom of thought”.  Our Covenant Statement now provides in part that we promise “ to work diligently for justice, peace, and equity through nonviolent means locally and throughout the world (emphases added).

As part of the Peace Initiative, we decided to identify our church building as a place of peace with an aesthetic display of “peace cranes” which were hung along the south wall of the sanctuary.  In addition, the Resolution endorsed the concept of having “peace” signage on the front lawn of the Church.  

In the Memorial Garden, the word peace appears on a pole in Arabic, Cherokee, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Japanese, Latin, Russian and Yoruba.

The St. John’s Lending Library has a 90 minute PBS video “Soldiers of Conscience.”  

3-Death Penalty – In 2006 St. John’s members unanimously adopted a congregational resolution calling for a moratorium on capital punishment.