Welcome to the May 11, 2024, Auction,

St. John’s Fun-Time Funder!

This will be an evening of fun, food and fundraising.  So bring your good cheer, bring your friends, and most importantly bring your credit cards (or check or Vanco account)!

There will be a silent auction including gift baskets, gift cards, delectable foods and plenty of opportunities to sign up for dinners and social gatherings. There will also be a very exciting and competitive live auction.

Actually, many payments are paid the next morning after service.

More info: (this page is not fully updated, 4-10-24)

  • Pre-register to save $2 off the $12 entry fee by May 9.
  • Submit this form to tell us what you’re donating.
  • Find rules and tips for bidding on this page.
  • If you’d like child care at church in order to attend, tell us at auction@stjohnsuu.org. (Deadline has now passed.)
  • Check the times for the 2 rounds of silent auctions, and the live auction on the auction schedule.
  • We may not have time to make a catalogue.  Here are some offerings: dinners, services and events, restaurant and store gift cards, home-made, hand-crafted items, and more.
  • Submit your offerings by APRIL 28! Send pictures of items if applicable and if you can!
  • Submit Gift Card offerings by APRIL 30.
  • Drop off items by APRIL 28 in Nightingale Room.
  • VOLUNTEER: Sign up for May 9, 10, 11, slots where help is needed!

For questions or information, please contact Erin Zoller at auction@stjohnsuu.org.