Honoring the Spirit of St. John’s

We acknowledge those who practice acts of unselfish support in the service of our church and community.

Honorees for June 14, 2022

A mammoth Spirit Award goes to the team who managed the congregational meeting this year. The board deserves special commendation for developing a budget that addressed rising costs against decreased pledges. Still, the budget cuts resulted in a lengthy discussion. While members in the sanctuary and online may have tired of the marathon, the real effort came from the people working in front and behind the scenes. They planned and prepared ahead of time, came early, did their best patiently, and left late. 

For your commitment, diligence, and indefatigability, we want to thank (in alphabetical order) Debbie Combs, Matthew Cowperthwait, Bill Gordon, Nancy Henry, Edie Holder, Dirk Iwema, Mike Johnson, Mike Neugent, Erna Olafson, Monica Pellman, Matthew Peterson, Joetta Prost, Alicia Rosselot, Kathy Shell, Brian Snape, Claire Wagner, Chris Wagner, and Zoe Waldridge. (Photo: Edie and Erna at the sign-in table; Dirk and Claire in the back with AV.)

To nominate someone, email Melanie Malaviya or Dot Wehrmeyer

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