We acknowledge those who practice random acts of unselfish support in the service of our church and community.


Spirit Award

August 2020: A ‘dancing’ spirit award goes to Nat Kutcher who didn’t wait until their actual book signing to jump into full participation at St. John’s. Coffee hour helper, co-organizer of CommUUnity Connections, participant in Time with the Hymnal, choir, chalice group, and more, there seems to be no end to their contribution. We are lucky to have them!

July 2020: Lovingly planned in the spirit of generosity and vision, this year’s Pledge campaign was shut down after only two weeks. Joetta Prost and her team bravely redesigned the project and taking the precarious financial climate in their stride, met 100% of the goal and exceeded it by $20,000.
While they thank our members gracious monetary support, we thank them for allowing our community to thrive for another year. Joetta’s dedicated team includes: Carol Fencl, Charles Spencer, Cliff Shisler, Emily Hodges, Erin Zoller, Greg Terhune, Kathy Rentz, Linda Heath, and Nancy Henry.
We also appreciate those who offered to host and/or facilitate the cottage meetings that couldn’t happen because of Covid19.

June 2020: A spirited thank you to David Roth, Matthew Cowperthwait, and Monica Pellman who braved the virtual management of our congregational meeting despite the peculiarities of Zooming and persevered to make sure we were all served.  You are much appreciated! 

To nominate someone, email lyn@lynobrien.com or kentuckydot@gmail.com