Honoring the Spirit of St. John’s

We acknowledge those who practice acts of unselfish support in the service of our church and community.

February Honoree

Spirit Team honors Erin Zoller

While it takes many people to make an auction fundraiser successful, the one and only “sparkly hat” at St. John’s belongs to this Spirit Award winner, Erin Zoller. Taking over and taking off like a shooting star, Erin has organized, assembled, cataloged, priced, managed the breakdowns and tallied the results for nearly 10 years (the only breakdown she couldn’t get past was Covid.) Last year’s auction brought in record gains!

She is a seasoned auctioneer and an enchanting team leader, working out exciting new ideas for this year’s event on May 6.

Being exposed to Erin’s effervescent charm, you might never guess that under that sparkly hat lives a scientist with a Ph.D. in immunology, no less. She has been a clinical trial manager at MedPace, a research fellow at Cincinnati Children’s, and an adjunct professor at both Miami and Xavier, teaching microbiology, botany, and zoology. She is currently a clinical regulatory specialist at Stryker Medical Technology.

Erin lives with her partner and three children, and when she isn’t auctioneering, regulating, or mothering, she is riding horses! Although she didn’t start until the age of 35, she is now a certified Riding Instructor at Winton Woods Riding Center.

We are thankful that Erin directs her indefatigable energy and passion to enriching the coffers and generating fun at St. John’s.

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