In summer 2022, St. John’s began a podcast to share thoughts and ideas from the minister, staff and members on faith and congregational matters. As they are created, podcasts will be linked below.

Faith Formation, Sep. 6, 2022

Minister’s sabbatical, Aug. 19, 2022

The full list of podcasts is found here

The Journal

The Journal was a chance for St. Johners to communicate on seasonal themes and how these themes impacted our lives and our spirit. The Journal includes personal and reflective essays, more detailed discussions and observations about church life, philosophy, theology, poetry and more.

Vol 1, Issue 1 (August, 2019) [PDF]

Vol 1, Issue 2 (December, 2019) [PDF]

Vol 1, Issue 3 (February, 2020). [PDF]

Vol 1. Issue 4 (August, 2020), [PDF]