RE Curriculum (Youth)

Religious Exploration for Children and Youth – Classes and Curricula

Nursery (Infants)
Jefferson Room (downstairs)
We emphasize continuity of care in our nursery and toddler room. An experienced caregiver is hired by the church to be available throughout the year to see that our smallest children are nurtured and feel secure in a colorful, well-equipped room designed just for them. (It is possible to be in the room with your child and hear the adult service on earphones or speaker) Parents volunteer as helpers.

Wee Walkers (One to Three Years)
Nightingale Room (downstairs)
Children will be greeted each week by the same experienced caregiver and a team of volunteer parents. Equipment for large muscle active play and exploring, puzzles, music, books and toys are provided in a welcoming and safe environment.

Growing Times (Ages 3 and 4)
Children ages three and four will be participating in a program created especially for them called We Are Many We Are One. They will have experiences and opportunities to grow in trust and caring, to develop self-identity and connectedness with all of life using stories, songs, crafts and games.

A Discovering Year offers children the grounding of a religious community and tradition, along with the freedom to discover and express their own uniqueness. Stories explore birth and death, making choices and developing rituals. Exploration and spiritual nurturing included sessions using drama, crafts, music, and games. A teaching team of volunteers provides leadership with the assistance of parents.

First, Second, and Third Grades
Lincoln Room (downstairs)
In Our Hands, A Social Justice Program, and Super Heroes of the Bible emphasize children’s spiritual and religious growth through their appreciation of differences and how they can play a part in being fair and kind.  Also, a focus of our Jewish and Christian roots through the stories and myths found in the bible.   They learn to appreciate the worth of each individual by sharing rituals, games, stories, crafts, music and drama. The group is led by volunteers and parent assistants.

Fourth Grade Children
Darwin Room (downstairs)
Children in this room will be using both a curriculum called Timeless Themes (which introduces rich biblical literature so central to our culture), and In Our Hands (which will offer an appreciation of peace and social justice issues).  A volunteer teaching team and classroom helpers provide leadership.

Fifth and Sixth Grades
Bibleodeon is an experiential program which introduces young people to stories of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. It helps children understand common references in literature and art, allows us to connect the ethics and morals of today with the stories and myths of the past.  Peace Projects will be emphasized

Seventh and Eighth Grades
Library (downstairs)
Traditions With A Wink.  Life’s big questions are discussed.  How do we treat each other?  What happens when you die”  Who are the great teachers?  What is the right thing to do?  Peace experiments are explored and worked on.

Senior High (YRUU)
Senior High youth meet each Sunday. Young Religious Unitarian Universalists is based on the components of youth leadership, community building, social action, worship and learning. All high school students are welcome. Look for the Youth on Fire brochure on the greeter’s table, and view the YRUU page.