Weeding St. John’s Eisenlohr Library

Weeding is the removal of materials from a library collection in a systematic way. Careful weeding is key to the health of a collection. www.libraryjournal.com

Books weeded from St. John’s library will be donated to the public library.

Given limited shelf space in the library, it’s necessary to weed in order to accept donations of more current materials.

Considerations when weeding:

  • Does the book meet the purpose of the library and fall within the guidelines for donations?  See below.
  • Is the information in the book outdated?
  • Is the book a duplicate/triplicate copy?
  • Is the book worn or will it look unappealing to a borrower?
  • Is the subject so unusual that the book is unlikely to be borrowed?
  • Is the book available through the public library?  Is someone more likely to borrow the book from the public library?

Purpose of St. John’s Library: Offer a collection of books and resources to provide information and/or inspiration to the congregation in support of the study and understanding of Unitarian Universalism, world religions and St. John’s purpose and mission as stated in our Bylaws.

Donation Guidelines:

  • Nonfiction books in good condition
  • Books published within the last 10 years or classic religious books
  • Books related to our Unitarian Universalist Principles and Purposes

Questions? Contact Debbie Combs. June 25, 2019.