The Auction is Coming!

What you need to know about this year’s AUCTION

The fun, the food, the drinks, and the BIDDING will be from
5 p.m.-8 p.m. Saturday, MAY 11

SOMETHING DIFFERENT THIS YEAR – we won’t be bidding on items that you want to get rid of: Save those for a summer yard sale which will include the community.

What we WILL be bidding on:

  • GIFT CARDS – from restaurants, stores, and more. If you frequent a certain place, just ask. It is surprising how many places are willing to donate. You will give them a tax exempt paper (get these from Nancy Greenlee in the office or Nancy Henry on Sundays)
  • TICKETS – to plays, musical events, the Zoo, museums, and more. Many of these places have a spot on their website to request donations.
  • SERVICES – help with yard work, wash cars, teach a tech skill, research genealogy, pet sit and/or house sit. What can you do?
  • FOOD – to take home on May 11 or sign up to receive food at an agreed upon date – baked goods, cereals, soups, quiche, casseroles, jam.
  •  SOCIAL EVENTS WITH OTHERS – MOST POPULAR – meals in your home, game nights, movie night, springtime walks in a park, cooking lessons. Anything where a few folks gather for fun and conversation.
  •  HANDMADE ITEMS – greeting cards, knitted items, personal artwork, woodwork – many of you have terrific skills.

If you have your heart on creating a gift basket, talk to Erin … and we ask that you wrap it yourself.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO NOW? – Make sure you mark your calendar for May 11 and begin thinking about what you want to contribute. In a future E-news, we’ll link you to the forms to fill out telling us what you want to offer.

Of course, we’ll need VOLUNTEERS to help the night of the event as well as the week before and the week after. There will be a Signup Genius form available at the END OF APRIL.