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Rev. Diana Hultgren

Rev. Hultgren is a full-time chaplain at the University of Kentucky HealthCare in Lexington, with oncology as her clinical focus. UUCL ordained her to the Unitarian Universalist ministry during the record snowstorm in January 2016. Between 2009 and 2014 she served as a chaplain in … read more.

Written on Our Hearts

We are bombarded with words. The information age has assured no escape from information, but also, no guarantee of truth, accuracy, or nobility. How do we who want to live as faithful people make sense of the cacophony? We can start by orienting … read more.

Luke Had a Little Fig Tree

The gospel writer Luke dropped parables into his story line, seemingly at random. He tells a story of a land owner who wanted to cut down a fig tree that had not born fruit for three years. The gardener asks for another year. Today we … read more.