Rev. Diana Hultgren

Rev. Hultgren is a full-time chaplain at the University of Kentucky HealthCare in Lexington, with oncology as her clinical focus. UUCL ordained her to the Unitarian Universalist ministry during the record snowstorm in January 2016. Between 2009 and 2014 she served as a chaplain in Denver, CO, did two years of clinical chaplain residencies in Hawaii and Alaska, and interned in hospice care in Boulder, CO. She also served as the Director of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder 2007-2009, and Intern Minister at First Unitarian Society of Denver 2012-2013.

A native of northeastern Ohio, Diana now makes her home in Berea, KY with her partner, Rev. Kent Gilbert, where you can find her playing in the dirt any time of year!

Sermon Topic:  Evolutionary Leaps

Focusing on compassion and interdependence, and a big part of the sermon is played by… bees. The great entomologist E.O. Wilson described the evolutionary shift from being pro-social to eusocial, embodying altruism as a defining feature (among others), as possibly the greatest leap of all. Honeybees, though not native to North America, are a eusocial super-organism and a real-life example of interdependence. How might we imagine an evolutionary leap of our relationships with each other, locally, nationally, and globally? What can we learn from the interdependence of the bees?

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