Topic: Spirituality

The Biggest Lie

You have probably heard of THE BIG LIE by now, but did you know there is a bigger lie? Come this Sunday and hear THE BIGGEST LIE ever told. Then, together, we will seek new ways to tell the truth.

Shame less!

This Sunday we will take a light-hearted look at the heavy-hearted feeling of shame and ask what we, as people of faith, are to do with shame, grace, and the goodness of creation.

Bringing the Sacred Home

Growing up, my family moved every few years. Maybe you did too, or maybe your roots run deep. Wherever we find home, or however we make home, the promise of home has changed this year. This Sunday will be the start of our fall season … read more.

Celebrating Imperfect People

Many of our most beloved holiday stories include people and circumstances that are very far from perfect. This Sunday we will ask why our highest praise is often given to those who are far from perfect as we ask what we truly expect in … read more.

Faith Works Through Solidarity

Manuel Perez is the Membership Coordinator for Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center, part of the Interfaith Workers Network. Today he will speak to us about the value of solidarity. Come learn how empowering communities can serve our spirits and the world.