An Orientation of the Heart: Conversations about gun rights, gun violence, and our common concerns

In an era of great conflict and controversy, how do we create a space to have conversation, how do we find a way to talk to each other? Aaron Davis, “a southern-raised gun enthusiast and special education teacher who made to work for the nation’s most feared and politically powerful lobbying organization, the National Rifle Association of America” turned his back on that success, sought to tell the truth and live a life of greater conscience. I have known Aaron to be a man of integrity. He seeks peace and integration of deeply held values with the work of daily living. If you would like to ask Aaron about his work, join us for casual conversation Brueggers Bagels from 9- 10:15-ish. He will join me at 11:00 as we explore the perils and possibilities of living out one’s truth.”

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