Patience and Faith, Beloveds

Pandemic. Struggling for our democracy. Death and loss. Racism and oppression. Suffering and pain. Sometimes it can all feel like too much. In these difficult times, how can we continue to be patient and keep the faith that everything is going to be alright? Please, join us as we welcome the Reverend Summer Albayati. Rev. Summer is a UU Muslim of Iraqi descent who is Congregational Life Field Staff for the Pacific Western Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Let us come together in community and explore the answers in love.

In serving congregations, Rev. Summer’s focus has been on transformation by emphasizing that a mission-focused congregation increases vitality, membership, commitment to justice and love. She co-hosts a podcast with her son and mother, “The Bayat Beat,” a commentary on society and culture with an emphasis on social justice, which has a global audience. She also has a chapter in the anthology Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity and Power in Ministry, published by Skinner House.

She has been playing the Arabic drum professionally since the age of 12.

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