Speaker: Rita Volz

Spring Ahead

Spring is time for renewal. It is a time for opening the windows, springing ahead with our clocks and a rebirth of growth all around us. What does this season mean to you? Our points of discussion today will be focused on springing ahead and … read more.

Celebrating our German Heritage

German heritage is generally celebrated locally and abroad in September and October. St. John’s has a specific history as a German Lutheran and Reformed Church.

Please join us as we celebrate St. John’s German SJUU History and Homecoming Sunday.

Homecoming Sunday, you ask? Since Covid, there have been … read more.


Our theme for Sunday service this week is hope. Hope is defined as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.” It is a well-known feeling for everyone. We hope for a new job, better health for an ailing family member, … read more.