Solstice Service

St. John’s EarthSpirit group offers this service to celebrate Solstice.

It includes a ritual based on The Council of All Beings (created by environmental activist and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy) outdoors (weather permitting), followed by crafts, music, and food inside. This is a family-friendly event—everyone is invited!
The beings that co-exist with us in the web of life are profoundly affected by our actions, yet they have no hearing in our human deliberations and policies, no voice to call us to account. The Council of All Beings gives them a voice—and because it is our own as well, it can change the ways we see and think.

For the ritual, you are invited to be the voice of one of these nonhuman, beloved beings and to wear something that represents them (it could be as simple as a twig pinned to your coat or a card with the name on it).

Come, participate in the ritual (or just watch), and join us for food and crafts afterward! Parking in the lot will be limited, so if you are able, please use the school lot. Questions? Contact Ravensong at

EarthSpirit is a chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS), the national organization for UU pagans. As UUs who define our spirituality as Earth-centered, we welcome all who seek a deeper connection to the Earth and are interested in exploring and celebrating the many diverse traditions of Earth-centered spirituality and thought.

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