Religious Ministry by Supreme Court Justices

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to issue its final decisions this month on several highly contested issues, U.C. Professor Emeritus and St. John’s member Howard Tolley will focus on their approach to religion. 

The US Constitution has been characterized as the Bible of America’s “Civil Religion” including the sacred 1st Amendment guarantee of individual free exercise and prohibition of state sponsored establishment.  If so, the high Court’s Justices — Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Unitarian (Cincinnati’s William Howard Taft, Chief Justice) — have been our ministers. Their controversial decisions have protected religious minorities and addressed government funding of church schools, abortion, the death penalty, conscientious objectors, abortion, holiday religious displays, school prayer and more. 

Parents whose children are willing to play a special role in the story for all ages should contact Howard for details. Those interested in a “What Say You?” discussion can join in the chapel beginning 20 minutes after the start of coffee hour.

The link for virtual attendance is Please join in person or online! The online order of service will be updated before Sunday.

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