By Joetta Prost

We began the pledge campaign just two weeks before the world began shutting down.  The campaign message became “If EVERYONE gives as they are able, St. John’s will be able to meet our mission: creating a safe and caring community, working for peace and social justice, and celebrating beliefs that respect freedom of thought.”  We believed that while this virus would threaten the financial stability of some members and friends, others would still be able to give, and some would be able to step up to help support our community. 

The good news is… this belief has been confirmed by you, our committed members and friends.  

Those whose livelihood has been impacted by the pandemic have reduced their pledges to take care of themselves and their families – as we want them to do.  After all, as we say in our mission, it is our responsibility – our covenant – to create a safe and caring community that supports all members and friends.    

Those who could continue with their past level of giving despite our uncertain world have done so.  We are so grateful for their ongoing generosity.  

And an amazing number – about half of our members and friends – have increased the amount they will give for the year ahead.  Those increases ranged from $20 to $3,200 more for 2020-2021.  

As a result of EVERYONE giving as they are able, we exceeded the financial goal of $250,000 that we set after the pandemic began, and now have pledges of more than $263,000!  We are so grateful for the generosity of the St. John’s community.  This pledge campaign says so much about our love of St. John’s, and the strength of our congregation, now and in the future!  But remember: with income down from building rentals and uncertain times ahead, there is still a need for increased giving.  If you feel called by the spirit of generosity, you may increase your pledge by sending an email to pledge@stjohnsuu.org.  Or give an extra contribution using our GIVE+ online tools here: https://stjohnsuu.org/community/donate/

Special thanks go to the folks who helped with the campaign:  Carol Fencl, Charles Spencer, Cliff Shisler, Emily Hodges, Erin Zoller, Greg Terhune, Kathy Rentz, Linda Heath, and Nancy Henry.