St. John’s Covid-19 Guidelines Update, November 2021

Please do not come to church if you are unwell.

Sunday services will continue online permanently. This gives everyone two

modes for participation. We anticipate that some folks are still in the “wait and see” corner about returning to the sanctuary. We don’t expect to see you in

service until you are comfortable.

Please remember that as a community, we care for each other. We are trying to

move with the times, but we hope we don’t have to go backwards. We will

continue to review and update our guidelines as more information and science

become available. As the data allows, restrictions will ease.

For Sunday service, everyone will be asked to wear a mask. For smaller

gatherings, mask usage may be decided by the participants, based on their

comfort level.

For Sunday services there will be two doors open for entrance and exit – the main

door and the Krolfifer door.

We’ve made changes in the service to limit personal contact, but any other

handshaking, hugging, or contact is up to individual congregants by mutual


There will be a one-page order of service, and offering plates will be at the front of the sanctuary, rather than passed.

Family units or pods (those who have been socializing together) should be seated

together. All others should be socially distanced and staggered in their seating.

Children should remain with their parents or with the adults in charge of

children’s programming. Nursery and childcare will not be available.

No one should wander around the building; stay in the main areas of the

sanctuary, Haehnle and Krolfifer halls.

Coffee hour will resume. If you are more comfortable, bring your own drinks.

Some services may offer snacks that will be plated individually.

There are renters who will use the kitchen during the holidays, and they will serve

food. Our own Thanksgiving dinner will also take place this year. COVID guidelines

will be conveyed to the organizers and also be posted in the kitchen.

We prefer that if possible, you use the bathrooms past the coat rack. However, all bathrooms will be open. There will be disinfectant spray or wipes in the bathrooms in order to wipe door handles, sinks, toilets, etc. Hand sanitizer is

available in multiple locations. Jeff, our caretaker, will thoroughly clean all areas

after services and other events.

Music will be provided by instrumentalists, small choir groups or soloists.

Small choir groups and soloists should be vaccinated and wear a mask of their