Split the Plate

By John Kachuba

With general elections less than 100 days away, individuals and non-profit organizations are working harder then ever to ensure that all voters will be able to exercise their right to an open and fair election process.

Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio (UUJO) has been a leader in voter advocacy work, in conjunction with the UUA’s “UU the Vote” campaign. There are UUJO teams all across Ohio, including Cincinnati, with members from St. John’s and other UU congregations.

These teams are working on voter education and registration, fighting voter suppression, and will work to make sure voters can get to the polls or file absentee ballots.

Not everyone likes to make phone calls, or text messages to voters, nor does everyone enjoy online meetings to talk about voter advocacy. But you can still help in this important work by donating this month to UUJO, our August split-plate recipient.

Here’s a handy link for you to donate: https://stjohnsuu.org/community/donate/

Thanks for your support!