Speaker: Rev. Sharon Dittmar

The Signals We Give

In his poem, “A Ritual to Read to One Another,” William E. Stafford clarifies why humans must communicate with one another, and to do so well and clearly. Many of us are still struggling with grief and anxiety after both the election of 2016 and … read more.

The Invitation of Spirit

The theologian Thomas Moore writes that “Nothing is more challenging, nothing less sentimental, than the invitation of spirit to become who we are and not who we think we ought to be.” The St. John’s community has been through recent surprises and challenges. It is … read more.

Adaptations to Change

The year 2020 relieved me of many of my illusions about control, particularly when it comes to change. I have adapted by learning about and experimenting with the natural flow of change with the help of meditation.  Come for a service where we will explore … read more.