Alice Diebel


We all need time to renew and to feel safe. How might we offer time and space for renewal to those most in need – particularly those without a homeland?

Pause and Breathe

There comes a time when we all must pause and reflect on where we’ve been and where we want to go. Ministers are no exception. This service will take the time to wish Rev. Mitra well, while she takes that brief opportunity to pause as … read more.

July 29 – Art and Spirituality

Sometimes connecting to our creative selves will help us connect to our spiritual selves, too. Explore creative, intergenerational worship through a skit, poetry, art and music.

June 10 – Y’all Means All

“Y’all Means All” –Universalism tells us that everyone has inherent worth and dignity. The Kentucky Pride message for June agrees! Y’all means All! Hear from St. John’s members about what “all” really means.