July 9: Skin in the Game II: Peter Clark and First Church – 10 a.m. at First UU

From 1868 until he left Cincinnati in 1888 Peter Clark, America’s First Black Socialist, was a member of our congregation. He started attending First Church regularly in 1857, drawn into Unitarian circles by the anti-slavery politics and racial justice activism of many of our members.

But he was also equally attracted to the humanistic theology of our church and Unitarianism in general. He participated as a leader and a member in the religious life of our congregation. During his tenure at First UU, he rose to national prominence as a renowned educator, an impassioned orator, skilled political strategist and public intellectual. Clark’s life was not an easy one and the role his church played in his life was at times both positive and negative. Come on July 9 to find out more about the life and legacy of Peter Humphreys Clark and First Church.

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