Danquah Family Support via Cincinnati Sanctuary Congregations Coalition

by Amy Monson, liaison to CSCC

UPDATE, Aug. 2, 2023:

The Danquahs have decided to move to the Columbus area to join a larger community of Ghanaians. They appreciate all the support from Sanctuary Congregations Coalition members. Coalition leaders will talk soon about use of the sanctuary space at Clifton United Methodist Church.


June 8, 2023

St. John’s UU is a supporter of the Cincinnati Sanctuary Congregations Coalition (CSCC) since 2017, providing a place of refuge for immigrant individuals and/or families seeking asylum. The coalition consists of Sanctuary Congregations – those able to provide a physical space for asylum seekers, as well as Solidarity Congregations – those faith communities who cannot provide a physical space, but will support the Sanctuary Congregations as needed and as they are able so that no congregation stands alone in its efforts. St John UU is a Solidarity Congregation.

Since 2017, the coalition has housed three families seeking asylum. The families have been housed at the temporary living space at Clifton United Methodist Church. Many churches were involved in preparing the temporary living space, assisting the families with transportation to appointments, assisting with the legal process for acquiring asylum, and assisting with monetary donations.

Two of the families are now independent with the great start the coalition was able to provide. The Danquah family arrived in Cincinnati on Nov. 18, 2022. The family is from Ghana, Africa. Emanuel, father; Dorothy, mother; Desmond, 9-year-old boy, and the new arrival is Christina, born Feb. 22, 2023. They are seeking asylum from religious oppression as Christians.

St John’s currently provides quarterly financial support ($200/quarter) for two years and scheduled volunteers one week quarterly. Volunteer duties can include transporting the family to groceries, health care appointments, educational classes and social events; optional other areas of support; and assistance with ESL classes and private tutoring.