Property Team Report, March 2021

The last few months have been interesting. Many projects have been started, but few completed. See the following:

  • The roof over Krolfifer and Wells-still accepting bids. Initial estimate around $60,000
  • Working on another way to access Krolfifer roof and the Wells roof
  • Asbestos study-accepting bids. Initial estimate around $2,000+
  • Tree trimming over the parking lot and Krolfifer- will be finished in April-bid is $2,000+
  • Purchased a new electric self-propelled lawn mower-$500
  • Working on an inexpensive way to light the entry driveway-$100
  • Receiving estimates regarding the strength of roof for when AC is moved/replaced (Master Plan)
  • Will change the lighting system for the parking lot and main door completely to dawn-dusk
  • Will change bulbs over the main door to LED
  • Painted a lower level storage room to prevent further moisture intrusion
  • Beginning the process of receiving estimates on electrical rewiring, stonework, painting metal coverings at top of exterior walls, tuckpointing, and lintel scraping/painting
  • Will power wash stone surfaces
  • Will do a general cleanup of entry & exit driveways and of the parking lot

Cliff Shisler