May Split the Plate: LaSoupe

La Soupe is the May recipient of our split-the-plate donation and this is its mission: Rescue. Transform. Share. Inspire. Educate. Nourish.

La Soupe chefs and volunteers use rescued food to create delicious, healthy meals to share with partner agencies across the Greater Cincinnati area who distribute soups and meals to clients experiencing food insecurity. In 2021, La Soupe rescued 1.134 million pounds of food and shared 820,000 servings (1 serving = four-ounce portion of prepared food) with 137 partner agencies in 41 zip codes across the region.

See volunteer opportunities on the LaSoupe site.

To make an online donation that is split 50/50, go to  If you want your entire contribution to go to LaSoupe, make out a check to St. John’s noting “LaSoupe 100%” in the subject line.