General Assembly highlights

These General Assembly (GA) highlights relate to the work of the Article II Study Commission. Article II of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Bylaws, Principles and Purposes, is the foundation for all of the work of our UUA and its member congregations and covenanted communities. The Article II Study Commission (A2SC) is charged to review Article II of the UUA Bylaws, and propose any revisions that will enable our UUA, our member congregations, and our covenanted communities to be a relevant and powerful force for spiritual and moral growth, healing, and justice. Proposed changes that will be voted on in June 2023 will focus on Purpose, Principles, Values, and other key building blocks of our faith.

Between now and July 18, you have an opportunity to share your thoughts with the A2SC via its feedback hub.   It is a two-step process.  First, choose a topic from the list below and watch the video from General Assembly; then use the feedback hub to share your reflections.  Here are the topics and video links:

Introduction to the work, Purpose, and Freedom of Belief
 in General Session II (beginning with Dr. Dan McKanan’s theological framing at 20:35 and the A2SC presentation at 32:30)

Values and Covenant in General Session III (A2SC presentation begins at 24:15, followed by a break, and then Dr. Elías Ortega’s theological framing, which begins at 1:29:20)

Inclusion and Inspirations in General Session IV (A2SC presentation begins at 33:00, followed by a break, and then Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt’s theological framing at 1:20:34)

The A2SC feedback hub for these presentations will close on July 18, but that doesn’t mean your chance to offer input is done. The Study Commission will continue to have opportunities to contribute to the process of reimagining Article II throughout the early fall. Watch the e-News for more information on how you can be involved.  Other ways to keep in the loop:  The A2SC website: Follow on Facebook: Article II Study Commission or Instagram: RevUU_A2.

AND here’s an UPLIFT – because it’s been another one of those weeks, right?  Listen to or read the words of UUA President the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray representing UUs and speaking out about the Roe v. Wade decision:

By the way, you can view all the “On Demand Videos” of UUA General Assembly here:

Please keep an eye out for future GA HIGHLIGHTS! 

— Joetta Prost, Wider UU World Team Leader