General Assembly (GA) 2019 DELEGATE APPLICATION

Name: ____________________________________________________                       Phone – Home ___________________ Cell ____________________                          e-mail ____________________________________________                                               I am a member of St. John’s UU Church ___________                                               I am willing to attend the plenary sessions in Spokane Washington for the 2019 GA from Wed. evening thru Sun. afternoon – June 19-23                          OR                                                                                                                       ________ I desire to be an off-site delegate and am able to participate by having access to a telephone and computer with high-speed internet access (see website for more details) from Wed. evening thru Sun. afternoon – June 19-23                                                                                                                                 Ways in which I currently contribute to St. John’s ______________________________________________________________________________ How I plan to “bring back” ideas from GA ______________________________________________________________________________ Have you ever attended a GA? __________                                   When/where? _______________________________________________________________ Have you ever served as a GA delegate for St. John’s ?  ________  When/where? _______________________________________________________________ Ever represented any other UU church at GA ?  ____________________________   I understand that the money available for each on-site delegate will be $425 to cover the registration fee.. Off-site delegates will be reimbursed at $160 to cover the registration fee. St. Johns is entitled to 5 delegates. All other costs are to be covered by the individual, by volunteer work at GA or scholarship (see under financial aid.) All applications are to be turned in either to Carol Fencl, Denominational Affairs, or to the Denominational Affairs Box in the office by Sunday March 31. The Board will approve delegates at their April 3 Board meeting. All applicants will be notified by April 5.