YES          NO                     Melissa Rowland, Program Director                         ________   ________                   Lorie Hayes, Member At Large                                  ________   ________                   Linda Heath, Finance Director                                  ________   ________

Absentee ballots shall be issued to voting members of the Congregation on request. This request may be made at any time prior to the last Friday preceding the election. The procedure for casting absentee ballots will be as follows: the completed ballot, or a Bylaws Page 11 reasonable facsimile thereof, shall be sealed in a blank envelope. This blank envelope shall be accompanied by a slip signed by the voter. Both shall be put in a second envelope which may be mailed or handed to any member of the Nominating Committee. Signatures shall be checked off against the membership list. All absentee ballots must arrive at St. John’s in time for the sealed envelope (separated from the voter’s signature) to be place in the ballot box along with the votes cast on the day of the election.