Aug. 13: Forming in Faith

God is said to have made Adam from mud and Eve from a rib bone. You and I were grown the old fashioned way, but once we are here, how do we become the adults we want to be? On this Sunday when we are celebrating our young adults, we will also celebrate the ways … Continued

July 30 – To Sing What We Cannot Say

Music moves us like nothing else.  From Mozart to Mumford and Sons, from the eternally classical to the top 40, music says what we cannot say with words alone.  Today the Rock and Roll group Ned and the Dirt will join Rev. Mitra to explore the deeper emotional realities and implicit understanding of ourselves through … Continued


As capable and self-reliant as we may pride ourselves on being, sometimes we are just stronger together.  To balance rugged independence with collaborative interdependence takes skill, faith, and a lot of good-will.  This week Rev. Mitra and Laura Gentry will explore the joy of deep collaboration through words and music.  Special music, including the amazing … Continued