Letter from Alice Diebel

Unitarian Universalists (UUs) often see themselves as the religion of reason – we study things, we use our minds and count on having good information to guide us. I know I value learning and knowledge! After all, I’m in school! UUs also often see ourselves … read more.

Huddling and Mixing

We are formed in community, among family and friends, peers and mentors. And our formation is ongoing – all of us are learning as we go. Sometimes we need to be with people who are different from us, we need a mixed group. … read more.

Temporary Piano Accompanist needed

To provide musical accompaniment for choral rehearsals and religious services.

Essential Functions:

Under the direction of the Music Director, provide accompaniment during choral rehearsals, Sunday services, and special events as needed.Assist the Minster and others in the selection of instrumental pieces for services and special occasions.Assist the … read more.

The Death of Sunday School

I’m going to admit that one of my favorite moments every Sunday at St. John’s is not a teaching moment, it is a parenting moment. I have developed the habit of doing our community ritual of joys and concerns with my youngest daughter, Juliana. I … read more.

Results from the Special Congregational Meeting

We had 73 members sign in for the Special Congregational Meeting Sunday, March 10, after service. Thank you to everyone for participating in our democratic process! The proposal for changes to board structure bylaws,  and the proposal for changes to membership bylaws both passed.

The … read more.

General Assembly application

St. John’s congregants are invited to apply to attend this year’s UUA General Assembly by clicking on the previous news item and filling out the form.

We’re having technical difficulties, so we apologize for not having the form up in its regular format.

All applications … read more.

General Assembly (GA) 2019 DELEGATE APPLICATION

Name: ____________________________________________________                       Phone – Home ___________________ Cell ____________________                          e-mail ____________________________________________                                               I am a member of St. John’s UU Church ___________                                               I am willing to attend the plenary sessions in Spokane Washington for the 2019 … read more.


The Dohn School, located at 608 E. McMillan in Cincinnati, is a Drop-Out Recovery public charter school. St. John’s has been volunteering there for the past six months.

The director of the young women’s academy would like help from St. John’s women to work with the … read more.