UU Humanist Elevator Speeches

The UU Humanist Association is looking for Humanist Elevator Speeches for their next issue of the Journal of Religious Humanism. Please reach out to programming@stjohnsuu.org to receive the full e-mail of information and contact information to submit. Some details are below.

“What says “humanism” in a few sentences for you?  Not the perfect definition, but what centers your “right-now” experience and vision of our common life-stance.

If you’re intrigued by this concept and have something that fits – no matter when you wrote it in your development as a Humanist, please send it along.
If you’d like to contribute but are starting with a blank sheet of paper, fine.  Don’t fret about flawless prose, or finely tuned logic.  What we’re looking for is how you might respond if asked to say something personal about humanism in a short elevator ride.  Diamond-in-the-rough?  That’s fine.  Unfinished thought ….  OK.   Partial poem?  We’ll work with that too.  Elevator speeches aren’t necessarily polished products … they reflect where we are as Humanists right now.  Write fast and trust the collaborative process.

If you can’t come up with anything right now that seems to be what we’re asking for  … we’d also be interested in what words from others you use to center what it means to you, to live a Humanist existence.  Send them along.  Just be sure to credit the original author. “

Deadline: March 31.