Leaving Mud Season with a Grateful Heart

In some parts of the Northeast, people readily recognize a season wedged between winter and spring as “mud season”. It is that special time when the melt has come but the dirt has not yet dried out. Sometimes the mud is deep enough to sink in, or get stuck in for a while. Eventually, it will work itself out. The sun will work magic as wildflowers edge out mud puddles. Today’s service will begin with prelude, chalice lighting, reflection and offertory live streamed from the church.

After the offertory, we will meet everyone who would like to come to the church for an outdoor service of “Earth Communion” behind our building. After bringing a little dirt from your home garden (or a bit of potting soil from your house plants) you are welcome to go to the front of the church to make “seed bombs.” What are “seed bombs”? They are small, easy-to-toss globes of compost, clay and wildflower seeds. Mixing the seeds with nutritive compost helps more of the flowers come to bloom. Adding the clay makes them hold together until they explode on impact. Seed bombs bring life where they land and add flowers to unexpected places.

We’ll start Earth Communion and creating seed bombs around 11:30. Please join us anytime til about 12:30 p.m.

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