December Seasonal Journal

It’s time to prepare for the next issue of the Seasonal Journal! The December edition will reflect our upcoming theme: A Christmas Carol.  Suggested topics include Choices, Compassion, Family, Forgiveness, Generosity, Guilt, Isolation, Kindness, Time, and Transformation.
We invite your submissions of articles, poems, and pictures. Please review our submission guidelines below prior to sending your creative contribution to

Have you ever watched Reading Rainbow? Shared the excitement of a book that inspired, provoked, or captivated you? For the December Seasonal Journal, we are inviting you to submit the title and author of your recent favorite read with a brief description of why you liked it. Please, no spoilers.

Please watch for an announcement about the January issue coming soon.

Seasonal Journal Submission Guidelines

  • Please include a headshot photo, if you can, and brief bio with your submission
  • All items that appear in the Seasonal Journal should be consistent with St John’s mission, purposes, and policies.
  • Submissions should generally have a 500 word maximum. 
  • The editor has the right and responsibility to edit as needed for conciseness and readability. 
  • The editor also has the right to delay publishing non-time-critical items
  • The editor may refuse publication if a submission is considered inappropriate.
  • The editor shall consult with the minister and the communication team for publication guidance
  • Please caption images 
  • Please email submissions to

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