What Happens When a Pledge Campaign Meets a COVID-19 Virus? Oh My!

  • A message from Pledge Campaign Coordinator Joetta Prost

Our church historian Debbie Combs says that it’s been about 20 years since St. John’s conducted the annual pledge campaign with small group gatherings. 2020 seemed like the perfect year to do so!  The first three house parties (held before the Board decided to cancel services and activities) yielded robust conversations on a range of topics. Participants learned about feedback from the UUA consultant who is guiding our planning for a future capital campaign.  We reflected on the blessings and challenges facing St. John’s, and how we can envision the future, building on our blessings and addressing those challenges.  And we discussed the Board’s plan for developing the 2020-2021 budget using a transparent process to create a realistic and balanced budget.

And then we ran smack dab into COVID-19.  Talk about bad timing… Now we’re supposed to practice “social distancing” which sounds like the exact opposite of the engaged involvement the house parties were promoting!  Now a lot of our members and friends are “high risk” for illness… when we would prefer to acknowledge them as “highly important” for our beloved community.  

Here’s our Plan B: We’re asking you to please go to https://stjohnsuu.org/community/donate/ today.  Use this period of COVID-19 enforced reflection to consider the ways that your life is blessed by the beloved community we call St. John’s.  Take a look at that consultant’s report – I bet you’ll be surprised by some of what it says!  Please study the UUA Fair Share Guide.  And then complete your Member or Friend Pledge form using the appropriate online tool linked on the Donate page.  (You can also print the PDF of the form and mail it to St. John’s if you prefer.) Thank you for sharing your gifts with St. John’s. 

After the virus crisis has passed, we’re still going to have those conversations with members and friends.  Why? Because the Board wants to receive your ideas and input. And because the gatherings are a powerful way to strengthen our community.  Be on the lookout for new opportunities to participate.   If you have questions or wish to discuss your pledge, write to me at pledge@stjohnsuu.org or text or  call my cell – 678-357-9842.  Kathy & I have sequestered ourselves at home in Boone County, KY.  My schedule has now become very “open” and I have plenty of time to chat!  Stay safe.