St. John's Unitarian Universalist Church




The Board of Trustees of St. John’s Unitarian Universalist Church (“The Church”) is excited to announce the start of a very exciting building renovation project for SJUU. The Big Build.

This page will provide Church members with ongoing status updates about the Big Build.

Member input and feedback is vital to the success of the project so please bookmark this tab in Members Corner to stay informed.

After a 3 month Request For Proposals process, The Board approved the engagement of the architect firm Childress & Cunningham Inc. to develop a Facilities Master Plan that will cover our anticipated short and long-term facility needs including but not limited to

site improvements, building renovations, on-going maintenance needs, engineering system upgrades, addition(s) and/or new construction. This first stage is scheduled to take 12 weeks.


  • Creative and cost-effective solutions to modernize facilities and support current and future programming needs
  • Planning for universal accessibility of all building and site areas.
  • As a designated “Green Sanctuary,” endeavor to employ green building materials and practices, incorporate systems and designs that reduce environmental impact, and serve as a model of environmental stewardship.

The Facilities Master Plan deliverables will include at a minimum:

  • An engineering review of the current structure and all building systems.
  • A need assessment with input from all community stakeholders.
  • Creative proposals for the use of the spaces and property, including conservative, moderate, and bold strategies and proposals.
  • Timelines and project budgets for each above proposed alternative.


The timeline below provides key dates for member and committee involvement.


Week 1-  Aug 5   Timeline start. C&C prepares questionnaire and begins review of existing documents from Church. Introduction to congregation before, during, or after service.

Week 2 – Aug 12  Information and documentation gathering.

Week 3 – Aug 19  Send follow-up survey to Church.     

Week 4 – Aug 26 27th or 28th  Evening survey input from constituent Ministry teams. Expand and develop options.

Week 5 – Sept 2 (Moved to Sept. 9)  Open house discussion after Sunday service

Week 6 – Tuesday 11th  Committee meeting. Finalize and prioritize program.

Week 7 – Sept 16  Construction budget issued by Church.

Week 8 – Sept 23   Prioritize selection criteria and constraints.

Week 9 – Sept 30 Tuesday 2nd  Initial master plan options for committee review.

Week 10 – Oct 7  Gather consensus priorities from Church regarding planning options.   

Week 11 – Oct 14 15th or 16th  Integrate construction cost and budget with preferred master plan options.                   

Week 12 – Oct 21 Tuesday 23rd  Present revised master plan option and budget.


The Master Planning Committee would like your feedback. Our partners at Childress & Cunningham Architects have spent the last few weeks meeting with committees, groups, staff, and congregants to gain an understanding of what members of our community would like to see in our facility in the future.  They have complied the most commonly mentioned items and would like your feedback into which items you think are the most important to you.  Your feedback and input is vital to the success of this project.

Please take five minutes to complete the survey at the link below no later than Sunday 10/7.