April Split the Plate: Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center

The Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center (CIWC) was established in March 2005 to mobilize, educate and organize low wage and immigrant workers to achieve positive systemic change. Efforts are designed to give low-income workers from all walks of life the opportunity to creatively challenge the power relationships with their employers and improve their working terms and conditions. The goal is to provide community members the tools and support they need to transform their workplaces and communities as a whole.

See volunteer opportunities on the CIWC site.

To make an online donation that is split 50/50, go to https://stjohnsuu.org/community/donate/.  If you want your entire contribution to go to Heartfelt Tidbits, make out a check to St. John’s noting “Heartfelt Tidbits 100%” in the subject line.


Update on January’s Split-the-Plate recipient

St. John’s has partnered for many years with the Interfaith Hospitality Network to volunteer and raise funds supporting temporary housing, food and welcome to homeless families. IHN has just announced a new name, though the agency’s mission remains the same. More information is at Found House Interfaith Housing Network online.