Thursday Theology

Dear Church,

A small group of curious folk has been meeting Thursdays at 7 pm to talk about big ideas through looking at significant essays and sermons. 

This week and next (May 14th and 21st ) we will talk about an article about original sin by a process theologian, Marjorie Suchocki. For a quick introduction to process thought, you can read the Wikipedia page at .    

I know we don’t speak much of “original sin” in our community and you may wonder why this topic was chosen or why it should be interesting.  Simply put, human beings, for all our potential and promise, often make choices that hurt others.  The church has been speaking of evil and sin for a long time before social scientists took up the (admittedly modified) question.

In our tradition, all people are encouraged to seek truth and engage the big questions.  In this spirit, you are invited to read the article and join the conversation. 

Find the article here:

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Save the date for Emerson’s Divinity School Address discussion on May 28th and June 4th.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Rev. Mitra