St. John’s Auction – “Under the Sea”

St. John’s Auction – “Under the Sea”

                                        Saturday, November 3, 2018 – 6:00 p.m.

We want to recognize the following organizations and merchants who have already donated to our 2018 auction:

The Pet Spot

Ruth’s Parkside Cafe

Grand Finale Restaurant

Rahn’s Greenhouse

White Oak Gardens

Newport Aquarium 

Falcon Theater

Children’s Museum at the Museum Center

Krohn Conservatory

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Florence Freedom Baseball

FC Cincinnati 

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Civic Garden Center

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

LET’S KEEP IT GOING!!!  What can you donate to the auction on November 3?

Gatherings, outings, gift cards, lovely items……what about food? We would like to add a section of pies, bread, coffee cakes, jams, quiches, soups…..anything that you might like to make to sell on the night of the auction. These items would be for silent bidding, and a person can take it home for their immediate pleasure. Alternatively, a cook/baker might offer the promise of making a special item in the future, for the convenience of the winning bidder. For example, I am donating a “Quiche for all Seasons.” Four quiches during the coming year, to be coordinated with the buyer. (Nancy Henry)

Think now, please, about your donations! Fill out the form online (due Oct. 26) or on paper found at the auction board in Krolfifer (due Oct. 21) so we can get the auction book created early enough for attendees to see it before the night of the auction. Our committee is composed of working people with limited time. Please think now so that you can meet the above deadlines.

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