Join the UU Eco-challenge!

As a Green Sanctuary Church, St. Johners hold in reverence the spirit of life that sustains us as members of the “interconnected web of all being.” Our pledge and our challenge is to integrate this 7th UU principle into the life of the congregation and to model stewardship of the Earth in our wider community.

We are becoming increasingly mindful that the interdependent web refers not only to the spirit of oneness in the living universe but also to the unifying power of our human fellowship as we take action to build a more resilient world.

A great way St. Johners can take action for Earth Day is to join UUs across the nation in the UU Project Drawdown 2021 EcoChallenge. The Game is on! Let’s create climate justice and collectively reduce our carbon footprint! We invite you to join the UU 2021 Drawdown Eco-Challenge. 

WHY – Why Join the UU DD 2021 Team? Be the Solution –

  • Because there is something for Everyone
  • Engage at the level of effort you are willing and able
  • Grow the UU Climate Justice Movement – (numbers, depth & breath of understanding, stronger together)
  • Measurable Progress – Already Built into Drawdown Eco-Challenge
  • Choose Actions that are Customized to Support & Reinforce Common UU Programing & Campaigns AND Free Spirit UUs Such As:

JOIN as An Individual – under the Organization Name and Team Name of UU DD 2021.

Organization Name = UU DD 2021
Team Name = UU DD 2021
Password = UU

Follow Step-by-Step screenshots to JOIN and to Select your Actions. 
If you want to learn more first, look at the UUMFE website.