Invitation to Children: Sing for the Service!

From Josh Dufford, Music Director:

We’d like to try and engage the children through music despite the social distancing precautions that are currently in place. The idea is that we capture video footage of any and all of our St. John’s kids singing “Come, Come, Whoever You Are”, splicing the clips, and combining them to create one video of our children singing.

For parents: please only participate in this particular project if you are okay with your child appearing on the St. John’s YouTube channel where we have been posting services, which is open to the public.

For all who would like to participate, here are the simple directions to follow:

  1. Listen to this recording of “Come, Come, Whoever You Are” (For those who are musically savvy, I have changed they key in order for it to be easier on young voices.)
  2. Sing through it with your children- have them try to match the pitch of the recording. Remember- this is for fun!! However they sing will be perfect. Here is a PDF with the words.
  3. When you’re ready, record a video of your child singing through the song one time (on your phone will be just fine)
  4. Send your video recording to

Tip: Keep your video short and sweet! The smaller the file, the more easily it will be able to travel via email. Also, consider recording this video as part of your family’s at-home worship service on Sunday!

I am very excited about this project! I hope that you will consider having your children sing along to and be a part of this project. Please feel free to forward this information to any/all who might be interested.

Please reach out to Josh if you’d still like to do this! The video will be featured in one of the upcoming online St. John’s worship services.

Happy singing!