Celebrating Love in April

Note! We’ve expanded our late April coffeehour celebration to include romantic partners meeting and/or marrying in UU  congregations anywhere. Please contact Lyn or Sarah at the emails below to tell your story.


We know that St. John’s offers a full plate of Social Justice work, a myriad of opportunities for religious exploration, thought-provoking services and more, but we recently discovered how often St. John’s also fosters romance.

If you met your partner because of a St. John’s connection, or if you were married here, please let us know. We want to include you in a special “Celebrating Love” coffee hour in the spring. And, if you are single and might consider sharing your life … get busy! There are many amazing people here.

For the special recognition part, please email your romantic connection to lyn@lynobrien.com or seibertcs@zoomtown.com.