Soup, Bread and Support for St. Laszlo Elders

It seems like everyone wanted to stay for soup & bread April 7.  We went through 10 soups and had to set up extra tables.  We estimate there were over 100 attending and we raised more than $640 for our Bread for the Elderly Program in Transylvania. Thank you to everyone who participated!  Among the 36 volunteering to make the luncheon happen are:  Ben H, Gary S, Deb & Tony P, Kathy L, Myra P, Rich O, Christine M, Dave R, Mathew P, Laura B, Chase T, Judy S, Connie & Rick P, Barb G, Nicole S, Nancy H, Sandy G, Linda L, Tom & Mary D, Kathy C, Greg T, Bo W, Debbie C, Pat B, Patric L,
Jim M, Mira R, Emily H, Nikki O, Jeanne N, Wanda C, Jeff F, Joetta P and many others whose names we’ve missed. To our volunteers, both last Sunday and throughout the church year, including those of you who supported partner church by attending one of our luncheons, we give you our sincere thanks.

This church year’s five luncheons raised almost $2,600.  Congratulations, St. John’s!