Pledge Campaign

We are “down to the wire” for the budget development process for next year, as well as the wrap-up of the pledge campaign.  The Board is finalizing the budget for July 2018 through June 2019 based on identified needs for our operating budget and important priorities for the growth of our congregation.  We are thrilled that over 50 pledging households decided to increase their pledge for the 2018 – 2019 year, and it is wonderful to have 18 first-time pledges!  However, we face the reality that a number of members and friends have had to reduce their financial support or won’t be pledging at all due to moving away from Cincinnati, illness, death or major family needs.  So, we’re short of what we would hope to have for this year’s campaign and are still seeking additional and increased pledges.  Please ask yourself if you have given St. John’s your BEST GIFT for the coming year.  If the answer is that you could increase your pledge, please contact Joetta Prost ( ) as soon as possible to indicate your new pledge amount.  And if you are one of the households who are actively involved at St. John’s but have not yet made a commitment of financial support for next year, now really is the time to do so.  Thank you for your generosity!