Auction Tips 

 Bid to win. 

  •  Bid more than the bidder before you. Bid increments are pre-determined and printed on the bid sheets. You simply place your bidder number beside the next higher bid price. 
  •  Use your bid # stickers to place your bids. If you run out of stickers, write in your bid number on the bid sheet next to the pre-printed bid increment you are picking. 
  •  Be a bidding leader and increase the bidding by a large margin to beat out the competition. 
  •  For events with multiple spaces or seats, be among the first bidders at the higher price to be a winner. 
  •  HAVE FUN!! 

General Rules 

  1. All sales are final. There will be no exchanges or refunds on items except where specified or if the donor is unable to fulfill his or her obligation as described. 
  2. Values for the items being auctioned are based on the donors’ estimates and are not warranted by the Auction Team or SJUU for tax purposes. The Auction Team will provide donors a list of the items donated but will not assign a value for tax purposes. Donors must establish the value of their donation for tax purposes. 
  3. Unless otherwise specified, all auction items and services must be used within one year from the date of the auction. 
  4. Unless otherwise specified, dates and times of the auction item(s) purchased are to be arranged at the mutual convenience of the donor and buyer. The buyer is responsible for the coordination of delivery of items. 
  5. Tangible items may be retrieved upon payment at the end of the evening. All winners will receive a receipt for their purchases. 
  6. By his or her purchase, the buyer waves any claim of liability against the donor of the item. 
  7. Under IRS guidelines, only the amount paid that exceeds the donor value is considered to be a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax adviser. 
  8. If an item is not bid upon, the Auction officials will contact the donor about whether they want the item back or not.

Live Auction Rules 

  1. The live auction will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will continue until all items have been auctioned. 
  2. Items may or may not be sold in the order shown in the catalog. The auctioneer may combine or change the order of items at his discretion. 
  3. Bidders will be acknowledged by the auctioneer. The auctioneer has sole final discretion in all matters related to the bidding on the live auction items, including acknowledging the high bidder. 
  4. Have a great time!

Silent Auction Rules 

  1. Each item in the silent auction has a bid sheet attached to a table or wall. To place a bid, stick one of your bid stickers next to the preprinted amount on the bid sheet. 


  1. You may skip over a bid increment and go higher if you want to increase the amount you are bidding. 
  2. When bidding on events with multiple spaces, numerous bidders may bid the same amount. Bidders should place their stickers across the row from left to right. Should their bid become the winning bid amount, the winners are determined by starting with the bidder who bid first, determined by the sticker in the left-most position. 
  3. Only an auction official may nullify a bid; the closing bid(s) highlighted by the auction official constitutes the winning bid(s). 
  4. Under no circumstances may a bid card be removed from the bidding table or wall, except by an auction official. 

6. Any items or events that remain open at the end of the 1st silent auction will be available for bidding during the 2nd silent auction. Any remaining open event seats still available after the 2nd silent auction will be available to purchase at the minimum bid price Sunday November 4th in Krolfifer after the service

Paying For Winnings 

The cashier table will open at 9 p.m. on Auction Night for you to pay for your winnings. You can pay for and pick up your auction winnings the night of the auction or the next morning after the service. Please don’t collect tangible items until you have your payment receipt. 

Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted.